Welcome to the EveHQ Wiki! This page will explain how to obtain help or report problems you are experiencing with EveHQ.

Donating to EveHQ

A lot of time, effort and expense has gone into creating EveHQ and while we will never charge a fee for using it, we would ask that you consider a donation. Donations will provide an incentive for the developers to continue to support and develop EveHQ. Donations can be made in-game in ISK to Quantix Blackstar

Alternatively, donations can me made to our Pledgie campaign (via PayPal), which aims to cover our personal costs of purchasing third party software that is used to develop and run EveHQ. The badge below provides a link to our campaign homepage from where donations can be made. As a result of the generosity of EveHQ users, we have already completed our initial campaign and we've had to create a new one!

Where To Find Help

With the release of EveHQ version 2, we have aimed to provide more documentation for EveHQ, along with the existing on-going support that we provide on the forums. A lot of information will now be stored on this Wiki which we can update much more efficiently than any static documentation. Of course, a Wiki encourages community development so it would also be nice to see contributions from EveHQ users on there ;-)

If anyone is interested in contributing to the documentation, let use know and we'll get you sorted with an appropriate account.

Bug Reporting

If you find a bug within EveHQ, with or without a crash report, check to see if it is something we are aware of. If you can't see anything similar, please post as much detail as possible (including reproduction steps) into a new issue ticket in the EveHQ Bug Tracking System. The developers will aim to get a fix released as soon as possible.


If you have an idea for a new feature for EveHQ, either the core or plug-ins, no matter how big or small, feel free to start a discussion in a new thread in the EveHQ Requests Forum or file a feature request ticket on the EveHQ Issue Tracker.


Any questions can also be placed on the forums, either in the General Discussion section, or one of the other sections, depending on the nature of the question.

The EveHQ Wiki

Known Issues and Critical FAQs

This highlights any issues we are currently aware of, together with some important information relating to post-upgrade questions and problems.

EveHQ Installation

Provides details on the installation of EveHQ, together with updating and other relevant information.

EveHQ Overview

Provides an overview of the EveHQ application, including the main (“core”) features and the plug-ins. Links to more detailed descriptions of features are provided in the overviews.

EveHQ Guides

Contains specific information on EveHQ usage, including start-up guides, tutorials, How-To guides and FAQs.

EveHQ Development

Other Projects

EveHQ is not the only project in development. A small number of standalone projects do exist which may or may not become part of EveHQ in the future. Below are links to the specific pages for those projects.

Eve Overview Editor

The Eve Overview Editor is an out of game application to edit overview files and keep collections of the overview settings in storage for exporting to Eve. The corresponding XML files can be imported from within Eve.

Eve Overview Editor